Events and Activities

April 2021

Planting of fruit trees started

In Sinjar we have now started to implement the second part of the campaign „Ein Baum für Shingal – 1 tree 4 Sinjar“: The planting of the fruit trees. They are expected to last about a week.

The seedlings will be planted mainly around Yezidi shrines. In this way, they are accessible to the entire population. On the second day, for example, they were grown around the sanctuary of Şêşims (second image gallery on the left).

March 2021

Chairwoman speaks to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the New Zealand Parliament

In March, our first Chairwoman Dr. Leyla Ferman was invited to speak at the meeting of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Committee. The committee of the New Zealand Parliament took 10 minutes to present the concerns of the Yazidis and to answer questions from committee members.

This is an important step to continue to inform the international community and encourage them to act. After this exchange on the situation in Sinjar, the intention remains for the time being to meet again.

March 2021

Kindergarten project in Serdeşt

The plans for the construction of a kindergarten in Serdeşt are progressing and taking more and more concrete shape. Different locations are under discussion and we are in active exchange with all partners involved.

Serdeşt is a place in the Sinjar Mountains. In this region many survivors live in a large camp. They are still not able to return to their villages as the reconstruction can’t happen in many places due to a lack of support. That is why the establishment of a kindergarten seems to be particularly important at this location. It should offer care places for up to 70 children.

March 2021

Exchange with Member of the Bundestag Ottmar von Holtz

In March, some of our members of Women for Justice e. V. exchanged ideas with the member of the Bundestag Ottmar von Holtz (Grüne). This first meeting was about the dialogue about the situation in Sinjar and about our different projects.

March 2021

Employee in Shingal introduces herself

Since this month we have a new and therefore our first permanent employee in Sinjar. Necad Hecî Îdo is 21 years old and a student from Xanasor. Necad has experience in press relations. She will accompany and coordinate our and the projects of Aktion Hoffnungsschimmer e. V. next to the numerous volunteer members.

February 2021

1 tree 4 Sinjar: 2,000 oaks planted in Şîlo

The first part of the “One tree for Shingal – 1 tree 4 Sinjar” campaign has now been implemented: In the Şîlo area, between Serdeşt and Barê, a total of 100 women put acorns in the ground for 4 days. After the planting, which was financially supported by Aktion Hoffnungsschimmer e. V., could only be started late due to the frosts, 2,000 oak trees will now grow in the area.

Members of Women for Justice e. V. and our partners from Ezidi Woman Support League had already collected the acorns by themselves with a group of women at the end of 2020, they originate from the region. Over the months, they were then able to germinate and have now been placed in the ground. A special feature of these oaks is that they do not require any special care at this location in order to grow into healthy, strong trees. This is another reason why these oaks were chosen: they stand as a symbol for the self-confidence and life of the Yazidis (Ezidis) and especially the Yazidi (Ezidi) women, because they are so strong and can withstand any weather conditions and still continue to live and grow.

Soon the second part of the campaign “One tree for Shingal – 1 tree 4 Sinjar”, the planting of the fruit trees, will start and the first transfer of donations has already taken place. We have been collecting donations for the fruit trees since November 2020, through which they will be sustainably financed: It has been started to select and buy seedlings. This second part will be done under professional guidance of gardeners from the region. Because the fruit trees require much more care and are also much more sensitive and therefore also need care and attention over a period of time. The gardeners impart this knowledge to the recipients. The implementation of the entire second phase of the campaign is scheduled to begin in full swing in the coming days. Since the planting period varies depending on the type of tree and the transfer of knowledge will take place gradually, we will continue to collect donations for the fruit trees: One tree for Shingal = 20€

February 2021

Planting started, extension of the campaign and press article "Ein Baum für Shingal - 1 tree 4 Sinjar"

We are pleased to inform you and all of you that in mid-February, with some delay due to the frosts, the planting of the oaks in Sinjar could begin. This will be followed by the fruit trees.

So far more than 1100 trees have been donated – what a great success! We thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts.

Due to the response, we have decided to extend the campaign until March. Accordingly, our member Dagmar Humsi presents the campaign on the front page of the current issue of the “Markt”.

February 2021

Joint statement: Civil society supports historic Genocide Amendment to UK Trade Bill

In February, we joined 19 other organizations in the following statement:

Joint Statement: Civil Society Supports Historic Genocide Amendment to UK Trade Bill (8 February 2021)

Genocides and other mass atrocity crimes have claimed the lives of over 80 million victims globally since 1945. Today the very existence of the Rohingya in Myanmar and the Uyghur in China is threatened by ongoing violations including torture, rape and sexual violence, forced starvation, and the deprivation of liberty and dignity. We see the proposed Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill (“the Genocide Amendment”) as a historic opportunity for the United Kingdom to demonstrate global leadership by considering trade and other consequences with governments and regimes that seek systemically to destroy whole communities from their populations.(…)

[full statement]

February 2021

International Conference: Memory, law and rights

On the occasion of the 70. Anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide this international conference took place.

Our Chairwoman Dr. Leyla Ferman gave a lecture on the topic “How Genocide changes Women’s role in society. The case of Yazidis from Sinjar/Iraq.”

January-February 2021

Touring exhibition "ÜberLeben" in Germersheim

Our traveling exhibition “Über Leben. Ezidinnen nach dem Femizid 2014. Aufarbeitung – Gerechtigkeit – Menschenrechte” was shown in Germersheim in January and February in a shop window in Ludwigsstraße. The exhibition was on display until February 3. The „Deutsche Frauenring Germersheim“ and the „Zentrumsmanagement Germersheim“ organized this “pandemic-compliant” opportunity on site.

January 2021

Information booklet on destroyed temples in Sinjar

After extensive research, interviews and visits to destroyed temples on site, the booklet „Aufbauende Erinnerungen. Ezid_innen und durch den Islamischen Staat zerstörte heilige Tempel in Shingal“ (“Reconstructing Memories. Yazidis and sacred temples destroyed by the Islamic State in Sinjar”) has been printed. The booklet is available in German and Kurdish. It can be ordered simply by sending an e-mail.

January 2021

Meeting with Ronya Othmann

In January, members of Women for Justice e. V. met with author and journalist Ronya Othmann. She is an Yazidi and writes about German foreign policy in the Middle East, the genocide of the Yazidis, trauma, flight, migration, Kurdish issues, queer issues, racism, violence and discrimination. At the joint meeting we got to know each other, exchanged ideas about projects and decided to stay in touch in the future.

January 2021

Official trailer of the association Women for Justice e. V.

In January 2021 we released our official trailer in English and German.

Permanent Activity

Meeting female survivors

We understand meetings with female survivors as the basis of all our work. We have been meeting female survivors from Sinjar both as inviduals and in groups. Besides social care and legal advice, we try to find out methods to enable Yazidi (Ezidi) survivors to make their own decisions in life here in Germany.