Women For Justice

Who We Are

Women for Justice e. V., which emerged from Platform for Struggle for Women held in Captivity (2015-2018), was founded 2018 in Germany following the genocide of the so called Islamic State (IS) against Yazidis (Kurdish: Êzîdîs) on August 3rd, 2014 in Sinjar, Iraq. A central purpose of our organization is to raise awareness about so-called IS occupation, its crimes and sexist aspects, across Europe, North America, Kurdistan and the Middle East. Also, we want to advance and mobilize women’s organizations. We offer legal support to the survivors, carry out diplomatic works, raise public awareness and have social projects in the field.

  • Registration process began in Germany (2019)
  • 10 founding members in Germany
  • More than 40 members and volunteers in Cyprus, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium
Our members are both Yazidis (Ezidis) and Non-Yazidis (Non-Ezidis), mostly women and the majority being professional lawyers, academics, doctors, and social workers. We have an international coordination team. Also, not only do we count several survivors among our team members, but we also include them in our decision making processes on projects and activities.

What We Do

Diplomatic activities

with international communities, human and women’s rights organizations in order to rescue women and girls forcefully captured by so-called IS.

Legal action

will be taken for the recognition of the genocide against Yazidis (Ezidis) as ‘Genocide’ within the framework of UN Conventions.

Testimonies, documents and evidence

have been and are being collected, and attempts will be made at the UN Security Council in order to ensure all involved perpetrators, organizations and states are brought before International Criminal Court.

Establishing partnerships

with Yazidi (Ezidi) women’s organizations that are active in Kurdistan and Europe.

Raising awareness

throughout (inter)national press and media about the situation of women and girls forcefully captured by so-called IS.

We intend to organize campaigns

to mobilize internationally known female academics, such as lawyers, artists, journalists, authors, etc.

We will support the rebuilding of the Sinjar area

with social projects, such as the building of a women’s center in Sinjar, and e.g. a kindergarten. We will particularly work with Yazidi (Ezidi) women in the Sinjar region.

We offer social care, safe places and psychological support

to women and help with their (re-) integration into a new society. We will organize workshops with, for and by women. We will support the self-determination of Yazidi (Ezidi) women.

Furthermore, we advocate for solidarity-based policies

in cooperation with local authorities in the community, opinion leaders and women’s organizations, in order to facilitate acceptance and reintegration of Yazidi (Ezidi) women (that were able to escape from so-called IS and return to their families) into their own communities.

Establishing communication

and joint efforts with women’s organizations in countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, as well as countries of transit such as Turkey, where women and girls are alleged to be sold by so-called IS. The purpose is to expose the perpetrators of the mentioned countries; various activities, for instance petitions, sit in protests, marches, awareness raising videos, letter writing campaigns, etc. will be prioritized.

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